Dark Web Security Guide- Become an Online Ghost

Avoid any detection online while using the Dark Web to explore the hidden internet.
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What Will I Learn?
Using the Tails Operating System
Using Tor and the Tor Browser
Using PGP Encryption
Encrypting Files and Hard Drives
Set Up Secure Passwords
Create Anonymous Email
Avoid common computer hacking attacks
You should be familiar with the Deep Web and Dark Web, if not take our Deep Web 101 course!
You should have a pc you can practice with.
Silk Road, Alpha Bay and Hansa have all been taken down by law enforcement. Thousands of people who registered or purchased on the dark web have lost their anonymity and might soon get a knock on the door. It’s time to take security seriously.

Welcome to the Dark Web Security Guide. This course will guide you through the complex systems of security and explain, hands on, everything you need to know to protect yourself. This course is broken down into 4 main section:

SECTION 1: Computer Configuration

Tails & Virtual Box
Disk Encryption
File Shredding
Cryptography & Passwords
Cold Boot Attacks
SECTION 2: Network Communications

Tor Browser
Network Security
SECTION 3: Online Operations

Online Risks
Common Mistakes
Anonymous Email
Scam Websites
Safety Guidlines
SECTION 4: Law Enforcement

To end the course we will talk all about law enforcement (LE). We will explore common failures of other users on the dark web. Talk about the long reaching arm of government and how to avoid interrogation or scare tactics. PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT!

This course can teach those who are barely using the dark web and those who have been using it for years. If you follow all of the instructions closely you will be a ghost online and more secure than ever.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to be anonymous online
Anyone who cares about computer privacy and security
People who have interest in the Deep Web
People with experience using the Dark Web
Techy or Non-techy people interested in Online Security