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Scilab is an open-source, matrix-based programming language software from ESI Group. The Scilab app is used in science and engineering and offers hundreds of scientific purposes, in addition to basic arithmetic. They may use these mathematical functions for statistical analysis, correlation, and performing complex mathematical operations.

Developers may also render 2D and 3D graphic visualization, perform data modeling, and analyze or process signals. The software also features Xcos, an application for modeling and simulating dynamic systems, i.e., Mechanical systems.

APIs, or application programming interfaces, for Scilab Application, include a customizable graphical user interface or GUI, an Application programming interface for invoking programming languages such C, C++, Python and Java, and an Application programming interface for Scilab's Automated Modules Management. The software can provide a computation tool for C, C++, Python, and Java programming languages similarly.

Scilab is free software that may download from the Scilab website, Download page. The user may download version for Linux or Windows for a 32 bit or 64-bit platform or Mac OS X.

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