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TensorFlow is an open-source platform developed by the Google Brain Team in 2011 that provides a set of tools, libraries, and resources for scientific and numerical computation using data flow graphs that represent your execution model. 

The TensorFlow math library created to help developers create and train machine learning models, uses a wide range of hardware, Central Processing Units (CPUs), Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and even specialized chips such as Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). 

The name TensorFlow derives from the flow of operations performed by Neural Networks(NN) on a multidimensional collection of data elements, which are called the flow of tensors. The tensor can come from the input data or as the result of processing.

Initially, TensorFlow was designed to carry out research in Machine Learning (ML) and in Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). But the environment proved to be comprehensive enough to be applicable to a wide variety of classic ML algorithms, such as Support Vector Machine (SVM), logistic regression, decision trees, among others.

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