Microsoft Data Access and Analysis (DAX) is a full-featured data management application that allows you to securely access and manipulate your data across Windows, Linux, and Unix servers. It will enable you to store large quantities of information while being able to use advanced analytics for decision making.

You can access your data from anywhere that has an internet connection. This includes on the go devices such as mobile devices. DAX provides an easy way to connect with your data without having to learn another language. Instead, you can tap into the power of the machine as your data gets exposed for easy analysis.

The administrative dashboard allows you to manage your data quickly. It contains all of the tools necessary to manage your data at the most basic level. This includes a rich set of reports that allow you to analyze your data with ease. Additionally, you can create documents that are more complex than a simple table. They also provide various fields that are connected to provide information about users, projects, and more.

The administrative dashboard also gives you the ability to create custom reports. You can easily pull data from these reports to customize your dashboards for display. Additionally, you can save the report in your local storage, share it via email, or even download it for use in other applications. You can use it in all areas of your organization, including accounting, CRM, and marketing.

Another feature of DAX is its support capabilities. You can connect to multiple versions of Excel. You can also open spreadsheets that have been sent to you from other applications. With support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, you can quickly open and edit spreadsheets regardless of the source.

You can also use the advanced analytics tools that are built into Excel. You can run an analysis of your data. These include charts, tables, and pivot tables. Also, you can find the best ways to communicate your business goals to your employees.

You can also manage accounts receivables and payments through your data. If you are purchasing a new car, you can use your account receivables to make a payment. You can also use this tool to perform analysis on your customers to identify customer behavior and see how customers prefer to purchase products from you. To help your business become more efficient, you can use the SAAS tool that can help you assess your product’s performance in the marketplace.

The whole platform is ready to be integrated with the SQL Server database. With the automatic management features of DAX, your data will grow just as fast as your business. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of all the features available in your data management platform.

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