Interactive data visualization is a tool that helps us to visualize and express our data in a very effective way. Most problems that arise in business have their root cause in the lack of adequate data visualization in a different way. Visualization tools, such as graphs, pie charts, maps, diagrams, tables, etc. help you understand the complexity of the problem. In addition, in the case of big data, these tools are also quite beneficial for creating an elaborate graph and relationships in the form of networks.

Before using interactive data visualization, we must understand its purpose. First, an interactive display can be of two types, real-time and static. In real-time data visualization, you will see all the data in front of you at any time. On the other hand, static displays allow you to view your data in the past or in the future. The solution to several problems involves interactive data visualization. Graphical representation in network graphics or architectural simulation with the K-Means cluster can also be easily resolved using interactive web visualization tools

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